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Bloodroot (Sanguinarea canadensis)
Forest management, ecology, and certification

Forest Management

At Forest Synthesis we help foresters and landowners integrate the latest ecological guidelines into traditional forest management. From ecological inventory design to management recommendations for special clients, we can help landowners and managers achieve their management goals.  Examples of consulting services include:

  • Modifying timber inventories to include ecological values
  • Developing management plans that incorporate ecological principles at the stand, ownership, and landscape level
  • Wildlife and plant habitat assessment and management
  • Conservation of biological diversity
  • Consistency with forest certification standards
  • GPS/GIS mapping
  • Addressing the needs of a range of clients, from private woodlots to community forests and large private and public ownerships

Please click our other links for related services or contact us for more information.  Our Resources page has information that can help foresters and landowners manage for timber and other  values while meeting forest certification requirements for ecological diversity.

FSC certified hardwood logs, Gogebic County, MI
Northern hardwoods, Berkshire County, MA
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