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Bloodroot (Sanguinarea canadensis)
Forest management, ecology, and certification

Wildlife Habitat and Ecosystem Management

Forest Synthesis President Robert Bryan is a recognized authority on integrating management for multiple ecological values on forests managed primarily for timber as well as on forests that are valued for their conservation benefits. Forest Synthesis can help landowners and managers achieve their management goals while sustaining native plant and wildlife habitats. Services include:

  • Plant and wildlife habitat assessment
  • Identification and mapping of rare and sensitive ecosystems
  • Habitat management for game or non-game species of interest to the landowner
  • Development of management plans that sustain native biodiversity across the property and that reflect the property's role in contributing to landscape-scale habitat
  • Focus Species Forestry management plans (see Resources tab)
  • Management to conserve habitats for Priority Species identified in state Wildlife Action Plans
  • Habitat-based conservation planning for land trusts and other conservation groups
  • Wildlife food plot development
  • Vernal pool identification and assessment
  • Development of harvest guidelines to conserve forest ecosystem values

Please click our other links for related services or contact us for more information.  Our Resources page has information that can help foresters and landowners sustainably manage for wildlife and plant habitat in conjunction with other timber values.

Mule deer, Alamosa County, CO
Northern hardwood forest, Cattaraugus County, NY
Squirrel corn, Washington County, VT
Spotted salamander, Cumberland County, ME
Chantarelle, Sagadahoc County, ME
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